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Hail caused damage to over 7.1 million US homes in 2019.

Most of these victims had to seek emergency roof repair after the hail roof damage. Unfortunately, most of these people had no idea what to expect and ended up making a serious mistake. Most of them hired the wrong emergency roofing repair company that delivered shoddy services.

So, what can you do to avoid falling into this pitfall?

Read on to discover four things to expect from emergency roofing repair.

1. Roof Damage Inspection

After roof damage, the first thing to undertake is a damage inspection. However, to enhance safety, avoid climbing over the roof yourself. The best approach is to reach out to a professional residential roofing company.

The goal is to rely on these experts to provide a comprehensive roof damage inspection report. The idea is to assess the extent of damage to your roof to decide the best way to repair it.

2. Covering Leaks With a Tarp

For severely damaged roofs, the roofing contractor can’t complete the repair work in one day. The problem is how to prevent water from leaking inside your home during this period. So, during emergency roof repair, the contractors will cover the leaks with a tarp.

The objective is to buy time to complete the inspection and the roofing repair. So, to protect your home from roof leaks, look for experienced contractors. You want to find a roof repair expert who’ll guide you on the right tarp to use to cover the leaks.

3. Tighten Loose Shingles and Repairing Damaged Ones

Often strong winds and hailstorms cause damage to the roof shingles. So, during the emergency roof repair, the contractors will tighten the loose shingles. Next, they’ll repair or replace the damaged shingles.

To ensure that this work is done right, hire a licensed emergency roofing company. You want to pick a company with skilled and insured roofers who deliver superb services.

4. Documenting the Damages for Insurance Claim

Also, during the emergency roofing repair, you need to document the damages. So, ask the contractors you hire to take photos of your damaged roofs. Request them to provide paperwork for all the repair work.

The idea is to show all the damages you suffered and the cost you incurred to repair the roof. So, it’s easy to file an insurance claim with these documents. The goal is to prove the losses you suffered, thereby expediting the claim process.

That’s why it’s wise to work with emergency roofers who’ll help you file this insurance claim.

Get Reliable Emergency Roofing Services by Hiring a Top-Rated Company

To enjoy timely emergency roofing services, it’s wise to hire a top-rated company. You want to find a highly competent company to conduct a comprehensive roof damage inspection. The idea is to get accurate information on the extent of damage on your roof and the best way to repair it.

Do you desire to access a timely and reliable emergency roof response?

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