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Many of us don’t think twice about the roofs over our heads. Yet, it’s probably one of the most important components of your house. After all, if your roof wasn’t there, there would be no way of keeping out the elements or keeping in the heat.

It’s often suggested that homeowners should get a roofing inspection done at least once a year. But are there ways to tell if you need roofing repairs now?

The answer is yes and we’re going to shed a little light on the topic. Keep reading for four signs you need roof work sooner rather than later.

1. Extreme Weather

Most areas are prone to bouts of extreme weather capable of destroying roofs. In the northern states, this includes hail, snow, and ice. In southern states, the sun’s rays and intense heat can also damage your roof.

All areas can be prone to high winds, which can literally rip the shingles off your roof. If you’ve experienced any weather like this, you need to call roofing services immediately. At the very least, they can come by and confirm whether or not you need roofing repairs.

2. Signs of Water Leaks in Your Attic

Obviously, if you see evidence of water in your attic, it stands to reason that you have a leaky roof. While a little bit of water here and there may not seem like a big deal, long-term exposure to water and moisture can have profound effects on your home.

For example, water can get into your walls and other dark places where mold will begin to grow. Furthermore, water damage can destroy wood structural supports, drywall, paint, and other materials.

3. Water Damage on Your Walls or Ceilings

Another indication that you need roofing repair is if you see signs of water damage on your walls and ceilings. These areas will be discolored. In some cases, the moisture will bubble up the surface of the wall or ceiling.

If you’re seeing signs like these, you might have a roofing emergency on your hands. That kind of damage only comes from large amounts of water being introduced into your home.

4. Shingle Damage

Next, it’s a good idea to look for shingle damage on your roof. Some forms of shingle damage can be seen from the ground, while other types need a closer look. Shingle damage visible from the ground includes missing shingles, misshapen shingles, and damaged shingles.

However, if you have a moment, pull out your ladder and take a look inside your gutters. If there is an excessive amount of granules in there, your shingles could be past their prime. As asphalt shingles age and are exposed to the elements, they’ll shed their granules, making them less effective.

Are You in Need of Roofing Repair?

Whether you’re experiencing roof leaks, extreme weather, or bald shingles, it’s time to call someone for help. If you’re facing an emergency, work with a roofing contractor that offers emergency roof repair 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

No matter what your roofing needs are, we’re here for you. Contact us today to talk to someone about your roofing repair.