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Although most people don’t love sunshine first thing in the morning, an extra hour of natural light can help you sleep better at night. One way to achieve this is by having skylights in your bedroom. 

Skylights are not only great in your bedroom but in any room in your house. Just like most features in your house, skylights can be prone to leaks and cracks, which means it’s time for a skylight repair. 

What goes into getting your skylight fixed? Read on to learn all about the skylight repair process. 

Why Your Skylight May Be Leaking 

There is nothing worse than finding out you have a leaky skylight. There are several reasons why water could be getting through this window in your roof. 

One of the biggest culprits of a leaking skylight has to do with the flashing around the window. Flashing helps keep water from going into the skylight, but it can corrode and warp with age or damage. 

Improper installation can also be a cause for a leaky skylight. If the hole that is created when the skylight was installed isn’t the correct size, your skylight could be more prone to leaking. This is one of the reasons it’s important to hire a high-quality, professional roofing company like VHI Roofing to properly install your skylight.

Insulation is another major step when installing a skylight because, without it, condensation can build up and lead to leaks. Cracking and damage around the skylight itself can also lead to excess condensation. 

Whatever the reason, you don’t want to let a leaking skylight sit as the longer water is able to sneak in, the more damage can occur. 

Skylight Repair 

At the first sign of a skylight problem, your first step is to give your local roofing expert a call. Once they are there, the first thing they will do is inspect the skylight to see if they can identify the cause. Oftentimes, there are steps that the roofer can take to get your skylight difficulties resolved quickly. 

If the leak is coming from around the skylight, it is often a problem with the flashing or weather-proofing strip found on the edge of your skylight. Flashing replacement is a common skylight fix and usually has to be done sometime in the lifetime of your skylight. 

Choosing to repair your skylight makes sense if the damage isn’t extensive. If you have major leaking or damage to your skylight, it’s time for you to get your skylight replaced. Skylights last about fifteen years before it’s time for new ones, so if your skylights are nearing this age, it’s time to pay for a full replacement.

Leave Your Skylight Problems to the Professionals 

Nobody wants to deal with a leaking skylight but if you need skylight repair, professionals can help! 

VH1 Roofing can help fix or replace any of your skylight needs. Give us a call today to find out how we can help!