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Although DIY home projects have increased at the time of COVID, the professional roofing industry has remained strong, generating approximately $45 billion in revenue.

It makes sense, though, given that getting up on one’s roof and laying shingles, asphalt, and the like is normally not at the top of anyone’s DIY to-do list.

If you’re considering hiring a roofing contractor, you should know that not all roofers are made equal. In fact, several of them are downright predatory.

Continue reading to learn about questions you should ask a roofer before hiring them to ensure that they are excellent.

Are You Licensed And Insured?

Roofers should have all the relevant licenses and insurances.

Thus, ask your roofing company to verify their license requirement. Additionally, you will need to ask about proof of workers’ insurance covers. You probably don’t want to worry about personal liability related to an injury on your property.

But, some contractors will entice you with lower costs. However, all licenses and insurances are essential for an emergency roofing job. Or would you like to subject yourself to an unnecessary lawsuit?

Ensure you only hire a reputable company that meets all licenses and insurance requirements.

What Type Of Work Do You Do?

As evident it might seem, you must ensure that the commercial roofing contractor you are hiring is an expert in their area.

Since your home’s roof is the first defense against moisture, mold, mildew, it is always essential you hire someone who has the right experience in residential roofing. You should also determine the type of roofing materials they can comfortably install.

Also, you should consider the specialty of a roofer, especially if the job involves working with rubber.

How Long Have You Been In The Industry?

You can determine how long a contractor has been doing business by looking at their website. But still, you can ask them during an interview about their experience.

Though everyone starts somewhere, you possibly don’t want someone inexperienced working on your roof. Besides, the contractor’s experience is not about the number of years in the industry but the number of roof installations they have worked on.

It is common for some contractors to open their business, perform a few jobs and then cease operating for years. This could be due to lawsuits for shoddy jobs or a lack of funds to sustain the business.

You need to hire a contractor who is steadfast in the industry.

What Does Your Contract Entail?

Like any other home improvement project, you should be fully aware of what is included in the contract.

First, your contractor should use clear language that you can easily understand. Second, you should request your roofer to clearly state the price, dates, warranty information, and other contingencies.

Third, read through the contract before signing and seek clarifications. A contract is a legally binding document, and thus, raising your concern before signing may save you from trouble in the long run.

Who Is Doing The Job?

It is common for a roofer to hire a subcontractor to do the job.

Subcontracting happens when you hire a contractor who sells your job to another contracting company. In doing so, they get some profits while still working on another job.

Well, you need to be sure that the contractor you are hiring is not passing the job to a subcontractor. But if you are okay with subcontracting, you should ask whether they can get the job done to your satisfaction.

Furthermore, you need to have someone you can reach out to if you have questions or concerns.

What Kind Of Warranties Do You Provide?

Ask your roofer about the warranties that are involved with your job.

Generally, warranties will cover labor, materials, and workmanship. Additionally, you can receive a warranty from the shingles manufacturer and other roofing materials.

Thus, you must ensure your roofing company does a high-quality installation. However, you need to realize that installation mistakes may void the materials warranty offered by the manufacturer.

Ask your contractor to provide you with a written copy of all warranties that may apply to your roof.

Is Your Business Local?

If you want to hire a roofer, you must pick one from your area.

Thus, when hiring a roofing repair service, ask them about their physical location. This is essential, especially when you need emergency roof repairs.

You should be aware that out-of-state emergency repair services often come in after a big storm. They usually charge relatively low; however, they will move on until the next storm hits the region.

A local roofer is also well versed with the local installation code, paperwork, and everything else needed to ensure the roof is installed correctly.

Are You Certified By Any Roofing Materials Manufacturer?

For instance, shingle manufacturers always pick six to 10 best contractors in any given area for their certification process. When a roofer is certified by a manufacturer, they offer the best warranties.

Thus, you must ask your contractor whether they are certified by any manufacturers. Having a manufacturer certification indicates that customers can trust the contractors as they are already reputable.

A manufacturer will only pick contractor’s brand reputable for top quality work. A company that will correctly install manufacturer products ensures customers get the best out of the material.

Hire The Best Roofing Contractor Today

Now you know the top questions you need to ask your roofing contractor and the answers you should expect from your local roofer. Your goal is to get the best result for your roof.

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